The latest Lithium version is 1.6.3.


Known Errata

These bugs will be fixed in the next release.

  • Health bars have some broken pixels in them.
  • Cyberdemon Mk.II gives a ton of score when it shoots rockets.
  • Colorful hell is not fully supported.
  • Ion Rifle Overloader sometimes makes the gun not make a sound.
  • The draw data array can overflow causing a crash.
  • The "x" character is slightly too tall in the big font.
  • The trace functions for the crosshair and homing RPG are not portal aware.
  • The player class menu would crash if you deselected the class.

Recommended Map Sets

  • Back to Saturn X
  • Disjunction
  • Doom 1 vanilla
  • Doom 2 Dark World
  • Going Down
  • Hell on Earth Starter Pack
  • Hellcore 2.0
  • Scythe 2
  • Slaughterfest 2012
  • Valiant


  • ACC

    Multiplies damage ACC/150×.

  • DEF

    Protects you from damage DEF/150×.

  • STR

    Increases health and overheal capacity by STR.

  • VIT

    Multiplies non-bonus health pickups by 1 + VIT/80×.

  • STM

    Increases your health regeneration maximum by STM (base 10HP) and speed by STM ticks (base 75 tics.)

  • LUK

    Multiplies score gained by 1 + Random(0, LUK / 77.7).

  • RGE

    Adds RGE * damage / 1000 to a decaying damage multiplier whenever you're hurt.

  • CON

    Adds CON * amount / 1100 to a decaying damage multiplier whenever you gain Mana.


Monsters have two properties: level and rank. The notation I use for these are "lvNNNrN" i.e. "lv150r5 Archvile."

Upon spawn, both of these are assigned with a random formula based on the current skill level and difficulty base setting. Leveling up will give a monster more health if their level is above 5, and more random damage type resistances if their rank is more than 1 star. Two resistance points are granted every 10 levels.

A monster's rank scales some factors for them, including health gained per level and base resistances.

Monsters can gain levels by damaging other things, including the player and other monsters. The maximum rank is 5 and the maximum base level is 150. Monsters may level up past 150, but cannot level up in rank.

Monsters with a rank under 5 stars will have a blue colored barrier, which becomes visible at level 20 and increasingly visible with higher level and rank. Monsters with a rank of 5 stars will have a rainbow barrier, or "Heptaura."

Debugging Commands


  • __lith_runtrm <number>

    Runs a numbered terminal.

  • __lith_rundlg <number>

    Runs a numbered dialogue.


  • __lith_giveexptomonster <exp>

    Gives an amount of EXP to the monster you're looking at.

  • __lith_info

    Prints information about the monster you're looking at.

  • __lith_triggerboss <slot> <number> <phase>

    Triggers a phantom.

    Slot Description
    0 Easy bosses
    1 Medium bosses
    2 Hard bosses
    Boss No. Difficulty Phases Name
    0 Easy 2 James
    0 Medium 3 Makarov
    0 Hard 3 Isaac


  • __lith_giveexp <exp>

    Gives all players an amount of EXP.

  • __lith_givescr <score>

    Gives all players an amount of score with a random multiplier.

  • __lith_givediscount

    Gives you a shop discount of 10%.

  • __lith_givemeallofthescore

    Gives you one less than the maximum amount of score.


  • __lith_dumpmem

    Dumps memory allocation information.

Debugging CVars

Most apply on new game only.

  • __lith_debug_level

    A bit field for various debug info. Any value except 0 will change the startup messages. Bits are as follows:

    Bit Decimal Description
    0 1 general debug info
    1 2 prints live stats to the HUD
    2 4 info for the boss system
    3 8 info for monsters
    4 16 more info for monsters
    5 32 info for the dialogue compiler
    6 64 debug info for the BIP
    7 128 shows when major functions run
  • __lith_debug_all

    Enables all of the debug givers.

  • __lith_debug_items

    Gives you all weapons and boss rewards.

  • __lith_debug_bip

    Gives you all info pages.

  • __lith_debug_score

    Gives you a lot of score (but not enough to overflow.)

  • __lith_debug_upgrades

    Gives you all upgrades.

  • __lith_debug_save

    Enables debug logging for player data and netfiles.