Fulk is a combat robot prototype created by KSKK, aiming to be used in extremely hazardous environments in a limited-production run. Due to the Hell Incident, the prototype Fulk5.00a (also known as Fulk 5) had to be swiftly equipped with an independent AI and mission program. The resulting prototype AI, called by itself "Foulques of Red and Black," while highly intelligent combat-capable, is of questionable stability and is likely prone to rampancy. It features a very rudimentary humanoid body and a box-shaped cranium above its mouth, which gives it 5 viewing angles among other sensory inputs.

Lithium Backstory

The laboratory is quiet, as always, despite the current circumstances. The silence is only disturbed by the low voices of the staff and the whirring of computer fans.

The deactivated AI stands 18 decimetres tall, as his parts hang limp. The final adjustments to his mission programming and combat tuning are under way, only 2 hours to deployment.

The team works tirelessly, the mechanics consult the combat veterans on every small detail, the programmers check every possible code path for errors. Yet while they worked, still nobody felt certain of the project.

Certainty is simply impossible under these constraints – not only sending an untested robot into combat, but into combat in a place built purely of dark energy – the mission was, perhaps, a bit mad.

The existence of Rampancy further bothered the team. The programmers worked to plug every hole, the engineers made sure every circuit was perfect and would not malfunction. And still, all of them wondered — "Would it be enough?"

Every major AI before Fulk 5 had gone Rampant – achieved a state of true sentience, though also one of pure madness. The possible causes were many, perhaps infinite, and so still none have prevented it. Popular theory among AI researchers suggests it may simply be impossible.

Isolation from the network is a blessing with such a system. Fulk has been built to work alone, no monitoring, no connections. The concern arose from the question of whether or not the mission would be completed.

Corruption by outside forces would prove disastrous. While an issue, there are no other options; the KSKK must fight to keep their nation and their world from destruction.



Questionably sentient, however during minimal socialization tests preferred androgyny when asked about themself.