this entire character is an excuse to draw my waifu actually,

Lithium Backstory


Time does not exist in this place.

For this reason I believe I have been reincarnated. Because I think, I am – and I have been summoned to divide the...

The... There's a problem; but the nature of it is indiscernable. While the knowledge of all my past lives and predictions of the future stay true, the self is false. It has been falsified. Not by me, or by "me."

While I ponder this discrepancy it dawns on "me." The self of now does not impact the past, but merely the future. And so, it shall have been that it was merely the needs of causality asking that I ... change.

Well, my ways have always been given doubt by those around me. Perhaps it's time for a change. Something more... un-balanced.

While not a God, still some properties of them seem to rub off on me. I am affected by the waves, I sleep in nothingness. I am absolute. Yet, what I am still missing is faith.

I may wish for more than this immortality, but I shall not act out of my being just to get there. Having no faith is better than what I would become. Being more than grey would be worse than staying between the folds.