seriously who would be sitting out on a desert planet that's just silly. this thing is silly

Lithium Backstory

Lucas feels a disturbance. The same kind of disturbance it felt 300 years ago. Unlike that time, it could pinpoint – the definite location of the invasion. It was certain that this time, not going would be a fatal mistake.

The lone Kiri quickly gathered its things. A circle of light absorbed its sack and revolver, and it quickly left its small desert hut, searching for transportation.

The disturbance was quite a few parsecs away, but still felt right next to it. While it could discern it to be an invasion, it was not sure of what or when, or indeed why. Lucas was not the best at thinking of these things. It relied on his instincts.

The transport station was nearby, but it was not in the best of shape. There was a cleaner one few miles further, but it always chose the closer one because it liked the shopkeeper. They didn't judge by appearances.

It rented a vehicle and set off for distant stars, hoping to find the answers and knowledge it had pursued for so long.


Kiri do not have a concept of gender and reproduce asexually.
No surviving family to confirm birth place.