Subpatents are a system introduced in 1919 NE by the Western Sector government to allow companies to easily license the rights to patents as if they owned the patent.

Subpatent names are formatted as IMPORTANCE-SECTOR-SECTIONS-NUMBER.

IMPORTANCE may be one of:

  • V / Vital :: Important in all circumstances
  • E / Essential :: Important during galaxy-wide emergency
  • N / Normal :: Important during shortages
  • X / Extraneous :: Not vital in any circumstance

SECTOR may be the abbreviation of any sector. Common are E and W for East and West.

SECTIONS is a / separated list of sections, which may be:

  • FO :: Flooring
  • MA :: Materials

NUMBER is the number of the subpatent, which is a linearly increasing integer starting at 1. The number is used to discriminate subpatents with the same importance/sector/sections fields.

This page describes something specific to the 5000NE timeline.