This template is a simple info box for people or characters.


Name Description
name Required. Name of the person.
colorfg The foreground color for the name. Defaults to black.
colorbg The background color for the name. Defaults to white.
image Image to be displayed below the name.
first Where the character first appeared.
basedon What the character is based on.
nickname(s) Nick name(s) of the person.
species Species of the character.
gender Gender of the person.
class In games, what class the character is.
affiliation Who the character is affiliated with.
origin Origin point of the character.
born When the character was born, and their original name, if any.
height The height of the person, in decimeters.
weight The weight of the person, in kilograms.
parent(s) The parent(s) of the character.

Example usage:

[[!sidebar  content="""
    name="John Doe"
    first="Spingy Bingus"
    basedon="Jane Doe"