This song is a sequel to ainov, which despite being 20BPM faster, has 421 (almost nice) less notes than this song, and has an opponent that is easier by twenty levels. The music level on Ai Drew is also one more than the level of Ai Nov on Advanced and Expert.


inisiehter zhaler elly

mallivrakey nazhr

Ai Deu spel

isac orh ofery gdjeiter

elvy rido rigahl fpheidr

Ai Drew


朽ちぬ者 意識の淵



暗がりの外 引き返すべき場所

もう一度だ 鉤爪をかけるのは



A rotting person in the abyss of consciousness

Her thoughts in a state of dictatorship

Don't obey her.

In the extremity of darkness, a place you should run away from

One more time. Raise your claws and,

counter-attack in this moment.