This transliteration and the original Japanese translation are from Feryquitous' twitter. The English translation is by me.


Ah mitexi Aleie ha

Savestradi Cadeis Te me Ah cry

Tra vol le En va od nes die liu nye he vades dle

Avolte Avwvz E.


ああ 私の名を呼ぶ偶像

遍く感情 どうか崩れないで

それらは軋む音 死の幻想 淀む瞳 憚られる言葉達

全ては 始まりから終わりまで。


Ah, the statue calls my name

Please don't make me fall apart like this

The jarring sound, illusions of death, stagnant eyes, the fearful words

Everything from the beginning until the very end...