The original lyrics are from Feryquitous' twitter. The English translation is by me.



変わる 人格の檻

揺れる 意思と 呼吸と度

一人 二人と 死期の気配を問う

ゆらめいた 昨日の声

狭間に消え 六道見る

罅入った 窓からの声

今 欲動が浮かぶ

重ね手 意味を呼ぶ

与えた 宵の不羈

伝わる 君を呼ぶ

命の葉 獄を問う

嗚 嗚 故 乞

夢 滴 宵 迄

嗚 嗚 故 乞

夢 滴 観る 逢う


言葉が 何処にも無いの

私は 重さを抗い



一つの答えを知る 嗚


醒めた歓喜 安楽の死 嗚

夢の様だ 記憶返す 溶ける

(End of original repeats.)



Changing, the cage of personality

Shaking, thinking of my purpose, and breathing, so many times

Alone, but together, akin to asking about death

Wavered, yesterday's voice

Disappearing in the gap, seeing the six realms

Broken down, the voice from the window

My wishes overtake me in this moment

Piled up hands garner meaning

Given freedom in the afternoon

Handed down, I call to you

This leaf of life, pursues me to jail

Please, give me reason, I beg

Droplet of dream, until tonight

Please, give me reason, I beg

Droplet of dream, I see, I find...


There don't exist words for it.

I fight against the weight of it all,

my life like a leaf,

at the end of a branch.

Please, give me even one answer...

The suffering of not seeing anything

I just want to wake up, but only find comfort in death

It's like a dream. Memories return to nothing, and melt away...