Omisielle Faulzaje is a humanoid homunculus born around 1113 in the Basilisk Universe for the purposes of assassinating all personnel of the Moon civilization.

Lithium Backstory

"What do you mean, I can't use it?" the girl asks, irritated by his answer. "It's simply too dangerous to use the Dimension Driver for such a selfish desire. If you were to activate it, there's no telling where you may end up."

"Ari, you know I can handle myself wherever I go!" she retorts. His answer is unchanged - "No. Omi, this is silly. You sound like a 12-year-old in a poorly written comedy movie."

Omi's face darkens. She knows that what she's doing is foolish, yet her lust for new adventures won't let her take grip of the situation. Or, perhaps it's just lust for foreign money. At this point, not even she can tell for sure.

The greed overtakes her, and turns into anger; almost like a tiger breaking out of a cage to consume its trainer. Her hand moves to her sheath, and —

The flash of electricity stuns her brother Aricil – completely incapacitated by her immense flurry of strikes. By the time he comes to, she's already gone like the wind.

In another world, the young assassin awakens. Her head hurts. Everything around her moves in slow motion. Not just for a moment, but continually. Wherever she's landed, time is simply different.

This bemuses her. She begins to laugh. The world's strongest killer, now with the world's fastest reflexes. Nothing will stop her now.

And then, she notices her surroundings. A wide field between mountains, with a road to her right. In the distance a city, but nearby, nothing but grass. Her shoulders slump and again her expression darkens.


Rain spatters down, and quickly gets heavy as she sits in the field. The rain is not water, but metal – and that the sky is far darker than it should be.

Without a soul in sight, she looks up. The world is being devoured by a gigantic, black mass.

The Assassin prays for safety.