The Basilisk Universe is a universe similar and related to deceiver. The dimension of time flows slightly faster within the Basilisk Universe, and shared events between it and the Deceiver Universe often happen several hundred (or even thousand) years sooner. Technology and magic are fused with biological life by the time deceiver even happens.

Despite the accelerated expansion of knowledge, ability and time, space travel was never perfected within the Basilisk Universe, as subspace does not exist within it, unlike the Deceiver Universe.


  • 1055 E: xoso is colonized.
  • 1109 E: The Phantasm of The Star returns to the solar system.
  • 1111.0 E: The previously unified earth is split into four countries. All four go to war at once, beginning The Great War of Killing. The xoso colony is still at peace.
  • 1111.3 E: The Consort of Power is formed.
  • 1112 E: xoso is evacuated, and nabeli is colonized.
  • 1113 E: hell is colonized as a prison planet.
  • 1114 E: homonculus experiments begin on earth.
  • 1115 E: eikyo takes place.
  • 1119 E: The basilisk is created.
  • 1125 E: The Great War of Killing ends, resulting in all life on earth being extinguished.
  • 1130 E: lithium takes place.
  • 1150 E: basilisk takes place.