The Deceiver Universe is where most events in xevv occur, and where most of the games/mods in it take place. It is named as such because the root of the Xevv multiverse began with the conception of deceiver. The majority of history in the Deceiver Universe is the same as real life, up until around 2100 C.E, where characters and elements of the universe begin to appear.


Definitive continuum

  • 3010 C.E: The God hermes begins communication with humanity and brings magic to the world.
  • 3030 C.E: destiny takes place.
  • 3031 C.E: Unspecified calamity occurs, gods are no longer heard. New Era is marked.
  • 300 N.E: project67 takes place.
  • Around 450 N.E: Space travel develops and makes travelling to other planetary systems viable. pathways are discovered, making small communications with the Gods possible again. The first artifact is found.
  • Around 750 N.E: Intragalactic, inter-species war breaks out. Currency begins to consolidate.

Safe Haven continuum

The Safe Haven continuum follows a peaceful resolution of the First Space War.

  • Around 1025 N.E: The First Space War ends.
  • Around 1100 N.E: Extrauniversal communication progresses to the point where communications are readily and cheaply available throughout the galaxy. score is established as a universal currency.
  • 1344 N.E: deceiver takes place.
  • Around 1626 N.E: Research concludes supplimentary universes in existence.
  • 1649 N.E: lithium takes place.

Endless Invasion continuum

The Endless Invasion continuum follows Lithium's time-loop.

  • 1652 N.E: fss takes place.

Converging continuum

The Converging continuum happens regardless of previous continuum.

  • 2015 N.E: liquidimmortality is found and reverse-engineered. Humanity has now attained something similar to eternal life.
  • 2401 N.E: cgdmm takes place.

End of Time continuum

The End of Time continuum follows Crafty God Damn Murder Mutants' bad ending, and is currently the only continuation from there.

  • 2407 N.E: heaven is destroyed.
  • 2907 N.E: The dimension driver is found, reverse-engineered and sold as a ship counterpart.
  • 3101 N.E: material takes place.
  • 4000 N.E: The dimension of time comes to a halt, ceasing any further possibilities.

Lithium Info Page

The year is 1649 New Era. After an event that almost led to an apocalypse in 3031 CE, humanity collectively decided to mark a new era dedicated to progressing travel and communications across the galaxy.