Fuck Super Shotguns is a mod for GZDoom which takes place in the deceiver universe in 1652, New Era. The ZDoom Forums thread can be found here.

Summary of Events

Ten years after the hell incident, due to ragnarök taking place, hell was able to create a pathway through the void and back into the Deceiver Universe from there. An endless invasion of demons constantly plagues humanity, and few are able to fight them. ofmd, the uac and the uaaf merge in order to launch a large-scale counter-attack against the forces of Hell.

An unnamed PMC recruit is sent into the heart of The Void, where high-order scientist for OFMD adaml and General stanb guide him through missions far above his head. By some measure of luck, he gets through it, and is instructed to rescue captive engineers in an overtaken UAC base, after which he is sent to a city on Earth to push back invading demons and find an object.

During this final mission, the unnamed soldier is sent into the realm of the arch-demon sorhxp. After defeating the beast, a giant amount of darkenergy is scattered throughout the atmosphere, and the soldier is returned to his mission. The cycle inevitably continues 10 years later.

Extra Release Synopsis

In 2017, an "extra release" was made for FSS which in its forum post included a synopsis of the unfinished story.

The beast names himself Sorrow, in his tongue. Sor'h Xoda Pratium. He appeared first to me in a power outage during a mission; as he slayed through all of the marines around me, whom at this point had all but disappeared from my sight, my mind started to shake as my eyes bled. His ungodly appearance wrought but the words:

"You have underestimated your nightmares, as if they are only dreams."

"Deliver my message and you may be spared. Heed this request or perish in eternity."

I blacked out. As I shook myself from unconsciousness, a few friends greeted me...

I escaped from the facility, hands held high to the sky as I finally managed to stretch my back out. Crawling through air ducts is no fun.

Just as soon as releif sets in, a nearby terminal begins to beep. Of course.

Lambert told me of my new mission as the general signed me off: I am to find an "erroneous object" in the midst of a burning city. The place has been attacked by demons, and nobody knows how long it'll be until they find this "object" and use it for... God knows what.


As I halted flinging through spacetime I was immediately greeted by an entire squadron of fellow soldiers. They told me of the situation, that they had been here for hours waiting for their pointman – me.

We marched and ran through the city rampantly, as if a bunch of insane assassin ninjas trying to murder not one target but hundreds. The invasion was immense, and the city layout oddly confusing.

I finally made my way in through the designated building, and found it. The so-called "object".

It was a square – not a cube, but not a two-dimensional surface either. It was a square, projected toward every angle, projecting its own light over reality's. It was oozing, seeping through to this world like a box full of liquid impossibility. I could only believe my eyes because of what I had sawn earlier.

Though in that moment as I stared at it, I noticed that the longer I kept looking, the more I was being engulfed. As I realized this, it was already too late, and everything around me had shifted.

I was yet again standing in another world.

To the heart of this place I...


  • Fuck Super Shotguns was the first of the multiverse projects to be released, dating back to early 2015.