While not accessible physically, three metaphysical paths exist between reality and Flux, the gateway to Heaven: Sil, Tax and Ur, which are the left, middle and right of Flux, respectively. Beyond reality are also two other paths known as Iq and Xevv. There are also seven locations that are not part of any path, known as Fiß, Vij, On, Āx, En, Ûn and Gip.

Sil, the left of Flux, is made of seven waypoints: Sim, Kal, Oll, Näx, Al, Sün and Sàx. Each of these points purifies the Metaphysical Energy passing through it. Near-by locations include Fiß, Vij, On, and Āx.

Tax, the middle of Flux, is an unstable path, where En and Gip occasionally merge and become dead ends, trapping any energy flowing through them until they merge again. Ûn exists between Gip and Sün, below Sàx.

Ur, the right of Flux, is a straight, wide path, with no obstacles. It is the easiest to pass through, especially with large amounts of energy congestion, but it does not provide any other potential side-effects and generally will output (or input) low-quality Metaphysical Energy.

Iq is to the far left of Sün, near the top of Sil. The purpose of Iq is unknown.

Xevv is a path to the right of Tax, inbetween it and Ur, which has no discernable end point on either side. It is difficult to discern where exactly Xevv begins or ends from Flux or Reality's side, but somehow energy occasionally passes through it, ending up either in Iq or one of the three paths.