Kirika is an Immortal originally from the Reverse Ace Dimension. She was born a regular mortal being from the creation of the Reverse Ace Dimension, and through boredom with life living in a perfect world, eventually found an escape by removing metaphysical barriers. Eventually, she managed to accidentally enter Xevv and attain immortality through touching Flux.

Living eternally and peacefully with no regret of being unable to physically manifest, the God Kiri granted her a body within the Deceiver Universe that would live a hundred years. She travelled the worlds in awe of a beautiful yet flawed galaxy during the 14th century of the New Era, and 30 years after her incarnation, gave her body back to the Gods as sacrifice to become a part of The Deceiver's soul.


  • Kirika is the first character designed in the entire Deceiver universe.
  • Kirika's name is derived from Ky├┤ko Kirigiri, a Danganronpa character.