Deceiver is an unreleased game which takes place in the deceiver universe in 1344, New Era. There are several small drafts for the story, although no game or definitive story yet.

May 2016 First Draft

This is the most extensive draft still extant for Deceiver, and also the first one written. It also is the most poorly written and is very pretentious and stupid. (I was 16 when I wrote this.) Some elements of it have been re-purposed for lithium.


// AI "Throes": Beginning of the End ------------------------------------------
[--:--] [INFO] pragmat ENABLE

What's left anymore? What do you seek?

Is there any point to your existence?

We've found everything, traced everything, even God.



   The 3, 6 and 7 of your bullets are important,
      but your freedom?

What a joke.

You chose this path, you found the unknown which we did not before.

   And now you wish to escape it?

                  Help yourself.

// Kiri "Uzeref": Xorsonim of Elysian Hell: Demise ----------------------------
[--:--] [INFO] pragmat ENABLE src_lang=i18n.kiri.licari
Before his time has come, his star begins to fall,
      Truth spread out before the lies, no more does he use disguise,

   But fore his death thine flesh be torn, all his life been forlorn,
The south star falls and none arise, no more may he close his eyes.
// Kiri "Uzeref": Xorsonim of Elysian Hell: Spirit ----------------------------
[--:--] [INFO] pragmat ENABLE src_lang=i18n.kiri.licari
Even when I have run out of blood to spill, my life will carry its burden
                        through fire and will.
// Kiri "Uzeref": Axiom of the Rainbow Delta ----------------------------------
[--:--] [INFO] pragmat ENABLE src_lang=i18n.orig.en_us

The mind and the universe may merge at any time, usually at death.
 If one may manage to merge before death, a worse fate will come.

By acknowledging this concept, you too can become one of them.
                     Do not let this happen.

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

As a bullet may shred through many atoms, it may only do it once.

You may fire your gun plenty of times, but you may only do it once.

For eventually, you will end; an inevitable fate that we all share in common.

The search for the reason is complete to me, we all share the reason:

Though we may all live, and we may all die, we can repeat ourselves.

We can create life through the earth's gift; through God's gift.

Although we may only do it all once, the world may repeat itself.

Even it can only live for so long.

But our universe may repeat itself.

For it is everything, it will never end. The conquest of life will continue, for it may only exist once.

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Slowly, in the night, they numb and chew at children's arms as they sleep.

I can't comprehend anything,
how long have I been awake?
What does it do? Anything?
I.. just need some sleep.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey Jake, I found the reports. Looked through them anyway, there's some interesting things there.

Actually, would be best I not mention that. Nevermind!

June 2016 New Draft

This draft was intended to be expanded upon, but I forgot to do so after I fell asleep directly after writing it. Most of the elements of this draft are more in line with the current vision of the story, although if the same could be said about the then-potential expansions I'm not sure.


[storyboard or whatever sequence]

You are aboard the starship DECEIVER.

For years you have lived in this place, among people of Mars.

A calamity occured there 50 years ago, when an alien weapon was unleashed upon the surface from an insurmountable distance. The perpetrators never found, the people of Earth depressed.

Few survived this event, those who did fled to Earth where they built this ship to go settle their score.

[terminal fadein]

You are aboard the starship DECEIVER.

[small delay]

The dim light of a terminal nearby flickers.

[larger delay]

Am I not right? [delay] Step closer...

[alien teleport effect] [out of story]

You are now aboard the starship DeltaFall, an alien ship led by Uzeref.

Wether you take this as a hostile environment or not is up to you, there's nothing here but alien wildlife in a strange phantasmagoria.

You are far too weak to fight anything here, so you have to explore with caution.

(continue writing later, head hurts, must sleep)

August 2016 Mini-Draft

This is a tiny draft intended to be the first text seen in the game. This actually sort of reminds me of Steins;Gate's introduction, although more hopeful and less horrifying.


I remember these things.


None of it matters now,
at the universe's end.

Well, I suppose it's not an end.

I can still fix this.

Let's fix this.


During the year 2017 I had major depressive episodes which kept me from writing anything, so no drafts were written in this period.

2018 Lost Draft

This draft was lost due to a hard-drive formatting error. It was dozens of pages long and was intended to be a full draft of the final story to be put into the game. The quality of writing was questionable and it meandered about the plot significantly, however it provided a lot of character development which none of the other drafts to date have.

May 2019 Gods Draft

A sort of overview of the driving forces within the story. Not intended to be used, as it's just idea venting.


The Gods delivered us new hope in a declining era, a new mode, a new possibility. We found comfort in our new metaphysically solidified world, and until the Calamity, all was well.

The Calamity is considered to be the worst part of the story. I disagree. That the story took place at all concerns me. We've found the boundaries of life and death and the world to come. We know what we return to. But still, we fear. Why? Can one possibly fear when they know they will be resurrected in a few decades or centuries? Can one possibly fear when they can bend reality far further than ever before? When one can solve wars, strife, hunger, famine, with a contract? Why do we still have capital? Why do we still fight? The only answer I can give is that it may simply be impossible to answer. It's not our nature. But we've come to this point and still we fear. First we feared gods. Then we feared mechanism. Then we feared society. We feared destruction. Finally, what do we fear?

The Gods live in a cage, our method to go to them known. We know our boundaries. We found the eternal light. But we still have those boundaries. And we fear them. The Gods cannot exit their realm, but neither can we. We are all trapped. We are in a cage the span of infinity and the 7 paths. We fear. We stagnate. The Gods calling us was not by chance. What we've found is exactly what they did. They felt the same fear we do now. The Gods are afraid because none of us can escape. They called out to us not to bring us hope, but to bring themselves hope.

We cannot provide them that, unfortunately.

I will find that one artifact, the starship that Kiri drives. The one named Xevv, and I will escape. This contrived game I must play to get there is only the beginning.

Signed, The Man Who Is To Have Seven Souls.