Metaphysical Energy is a type of energy present only between Reality and Flux, and in heaven. It is a pure type of energy capable of manipulating the fabric of Reality. Heaven is composed entirely of Metaphysical Energy. It is sometimes referred to as MP Energy or just MP.

Physical Manifestation

The physical manifestation of Metaphysical Energy is dependent on the perception of free will. Thought is capable of bending reality due to its nature, so if someone is able to doubtlessly conceptualize "magic" as working one way, it will become true as long as they're in contact with an artifact.

Deceiver Universe

In the Deceiver Universe, Metaphysical Energy is commonly believed to manifest in one of two forms: Weak Energy, and Real Energy. These concepts were given to humans by hermes. Notable subversions of these concepts include deceiver and cgdmm.

Weak Energy

Weak Energy (also called "Mana") is a multi-colored matter that is only active in a supercritical fluid phase. When it transitions, it liquifies and becomes an inert, nonconducting dark orange substance. Weak Energy manifests as a charging counterpart to Light Ink.

Weak Energy can be created by a contract or certain Flavum Mode methods (which are most common in Mana Absorbers.)

Real Energy

Real Energy (also called "Flux Mana") is a golden, milky superfluid which does not transition. When contact between Real Energy and thought is made, the thought is manifested in Reality, no matter the scale. Real Energy has only once manifested in Reality (in a rather limited form) as Liquid Immortality.